Export Communication Review

GLE delivers UKTI’s Export Communications Review and Export Marketing Research services across the UK.

An Export Communications Review (ECR) will:

  • Improve your business performance overseas through a well thought out communications strategy
  • Prevent cultural and language barriers coming between you and overseas business
  • Prepare for overseas trade shows
  • Improve your website optimisation in overseas markets.

For more information visit the ECR website.

Cast Studies

Hargreaves – Mary Cousins

A berry good communications strategy - Hargreaves

Sector: Agriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries

Finding the right people - Raskelf

Sector:  Household Goods, Furniture and Furnishings

Thinking a step ahead - P3 Medical

Sector:  Healthcare and Medical

A Strong Handle on the Future - Merlin Glass

Sector:  Household Goods, Furniture and Furnishings

Cyclehoop Speeds to International Success - CycleHoops

Sectors:  Leisure and Tourism and Ecommerce

Labels4Kids wins business via the web - Labels4kids

Sector: Household Goods, Furniture and Furnishings

Clear Processes, clearly communicated - ManDOS

Sector: Business Services – Software and Technology





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